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First up in our material showcase series - Mycelium.


On the 5th floor of County Hall we are working with Biohm to install a series of mycelium acoustic baffles. Mycelium is the root-like structure of mushrooms that enables plants to communicate. It is a sustainable and completely renewable resource which can be recycled over and over again. As a result mycelium has become widely known for its many forms and applications, with production and testing developing hugely in the last 10 years.


As mycelium consumes organic matter and other substances (even plastic!), it creates a web of filaments. These filaments create a fine structure which can be used to create packaging, leather, insulation, acoustic baffles, board and even bricks.


Material innovators such as Biohm and Blast Studio are using mycelium to form furniture, lighting and natural alternatives to synthetic insulation with high thermally insulating and fire retardant properties. Once grown into its final form in suitable conditions, it then lies dormant.




1) Photo of mycelium acoustic baffles to be installed in our County Hall project

2) Mycelium panels made by @biohmhome and used as furniture


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