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Sustainable Workspaces

County Hall, London

Sustainable Workspaces is a branch of Sustainable Ventures - a full service ecosystem  for sustainable start-ups that provides investment, community, innovation and workspace. Sustainable Workspaces have taken 3,600 sqm on the 5th floor of County Hall - a grade II listed building and former home of the Greater London Council. Material Works were commissioned to design the fit-out of this new space to provide amenities including private offices, event spaces, innovation labs, cafés and break-out areas. The existing space had been untouched since the GLC left in the 1980s, providing a unique context of distressed historic finishes as the backdrop for the new works.


The proposed works for Sustainable Workspaces at County Hall offered a unique opportunity to adapt a landmark building into a progressive, inviting work-space. Designed as a hub for emerging climate tech businesses, the deign uses construction techniques that limit environmental impact and demonstrate a future path for sustainable development.


The project steers a clear path away from traditional office fit-outs that typically use materials with limited life-spans and high levels of embodied energy. In contrast, Sustainable Workspaces focuses on minimal intervention, celebrating the existing and the reclaimed, developing circular life strategies and utilising innovative low energy materials. In doing so, the project not only responds to environmental necessity, but also fosters a natural and comfortable aesthetic, creating a distinct language for work-place design

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Project Data

Type: Refurbishment

Size: 3,500 sqm
Total Cost:  £4m

Architect: Material Works Architecture

MEP: Taylor Project

Photography: Jim Stephenson, Fred Howarth

Contractor: Cast Interiors

Partition Walls: U-Build

Kitchen: Ecoboard and Richlite 

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Key Materials

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Event Space Before
Sustainable Workspaces by Material Works Architecture © Fred Howarth 15.jpg

Material Photos

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Sustainable Ventures
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