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Priory House 

Kensington, London

Priory House is a new, fresh, upcoming co-working space in Kensington. Designed for Huckletree, it is a deep retrofit of an existing, tired office building from the 1960s. Aiming to bring colour, warmth and attitude into the space, the project seeks to revitalise our attitudes to sustainable office design.


Features for the project will include bespoke feature lighting, made in collaboration with Smile Plastics, Bar Spaces made using Durat,  Colourful Sliding Doors, Dichroic Lights and a fresh new approach to Furnishings.


This project is on site now - watch this space!

Priory House Ground Floor Visual

Design Development

Process Images to the right show the development of the project. Where appropriate, we have incorporated a variety of colours, textures and finishes to each space. This is to ensure the interiors are fun, dynamic and warm. 


Taking inspiration from Huckletree’s existing array of co-working spaces throughout London, Material Works Architecture have sought to highlight how colour can be sustainable; recycled plastics are used throughout the project, and each finish is carefully assessed on its environmental credentials.


The project is currently on site, where we hope to progress each colourful render into a dynamic reality.

Site Photos

Ground Floor Reception
CGI of Priory House
CGI of Priory House
CGI of Priory House
CGI of Priory House
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