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Waste Streams

Manmade/Synthetic Waste Streams


Single use plastics account for 40% of plastic produced each year, and 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations (National Geographic). There are many variations of recycled plastic materials being developed, ranging from waste yoghurt pots, chopping boards, plastic bottles being turned into kitchen worktops, seating and tables.


We are incorporating recycled plastic countertops into our County Hall scheme by Smile Plastics. SP use waste plastic combined with a resin to form a solid material which can be recycled again and again, using their buy-back scheme for offcuts so there is no waste during installation.


In 2014, the UK generated 202.8 million tonnes of waste - construction, demolition and excavation was responsible for 59% of this (DEFRA).


Also within our scheme at County Hall is Granby Rock which consists of recycled construction waste from Liverpool made into a unique terrazzo. This terrazzo has a very striking appearance and has previously been made into mantelpieces and tabletops.


Sakeb design collective has been working to transform industrial waste such as limestone slurry, marble chunks and sawdust to create lightweight materials that can be used as furniture.



1) Granby Rock material made by Granby Workshop - offshoot of Assemble

2) Smile Plastics sheet ‘Kaleido’ made from waste plastic bottles

3) Sakeb’s ‘Kabes Stool’ (Arabic for compaction)

4) Urban Terrazzo’s solid material formed from construction rubble

Mycelium Showcase

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