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The import Building marks the first phase of Trilogy Property’s ambitious redevelopment of East India Dock into a vibrant new campus for the creative and tech industries.


Studio RHE were commissioned to add value to the existing in terms of creating additional space as well as re-imagining the look of the building to reflect changing expectations in work-space design.


Timber Construction


Timber was chosen for its visual and textural characteristics as well as its environmental credentials. The extensive use of timber contrasts with the exposed concrete and stone of the existing building, providing a warmer palette in tune with a less ‘corporate’ approach to office design


The new atrium presents a striking new visual face for the building’s interior whilst also allowing for an increase of net area 15,000 sqft. A series of 5 designed modules slot between the timber columns and beams in a random configuration that creates a complex and varied elevation from simple elements


The new atrium structure was formed using pre-fabricated glu-lam timber beams and cross laminated timber (CLT) floor slabs. The structural timber elements were manufactured in factory conditions in Austria before being shipped to the UK and assembled on site as part of a rapid construction plan.

Republic @ East India Dock                             


by Studio RHE with Dickon Hayward as Lead Architect


Architect London Workspace T`imber
Architect London Workspace Timber

The Permeable Ground Floor


The floor has been adopted to provide a series of alternative uses instead of offices. These will include a gym, convenience store, bar restaurant and cafe. The ground floor spaces open directly into the building’s central atrium creating open routes into the building through these units as well as the main entrance way. Externally the surrounding landscaping is being re-fashioned to provide a new public realm focused on providing planting and external spaces for work, collaboration and socialising. (completion April 2018)

Timber Workspace CLY Glulam
London Workspace Architect Londo

The Atrium 


At the heart of the building, the main atrium will act as useable and active work space as well as the entrance route to the demises above. The atrium contains a specially commissioned split level collaboration bench in the form of an oversized cranked girder alongside break-out furniture. Semi-enclosed spaces at the atriums edges contain quiet library space for the building users as well as full fitted bookable meeting room and an event space able to cater for talks and presentations.


A series of large open terraces over-look the ground floor - these are accessed via the striking new steel staircase and will house desks and meeting spaces for co-working operator The Trampery

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