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Hackney Roof

Hackney, London


Lofty Living is a completed loft extension in Hackney, East London. Working with an existing Edwardian dwelling, the extension aimed to improve enhance and create space for a young family in the area. The project features a new bedroom and bathroom, as well as an improvement on the existing staircase.


The front elevation was formed from slate roof tiles with flush roof lights set within whilst the rear elevation was clad in standing seam zinc roofing with zinc flashings and trims.


The extension has been purposefully detailed with clear and simple forms and set back from the existing parapet walls. These design decisions aim to create an addition that provides light and openness to the new interior spaces while also remaining sympathetic to the context of the historic facade and character of the surrounding buildings.

Loft Extension in Hackney London
Loft Extension in Hackney London
Loft Extension in Hackney London - Bathroom
Loft Extension in Hackney London - Staircase
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