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Level Apartment is an exercise in maximising an existing apartment to create a series of new spaces that accommodate uses that were not previously possible.  The design creates home workspace and and new guest accommodation through the insertion of sliding walls and a mezzanine floor -  cleverly creating floor space that previously was simply not there.


The existing apartment consisted of a single bedroom and an open space that stretched deep into the plan of the building. Despite the existing glazing, the social areas and kitchen were dingy. There was no opportunity for guest accommodation, a home office or storage - all of which were increasingly required by the client. The design creates a series of new spaces that fulfil these criteria by inserting new partitions, a mezzanine floor, and a full height sliding partition. The mezzanine floor creates a desk platform over a new storage space that allows a separate designated workspace that still connects socially with the kitchen beyond. The sliding wall allows for the temporary creation of a separate second bedroom to accommodate occasional visitors or private exercise. The repositioning and redesign of the kitchen places it at heart of the space, creating a much needed social focus for the apartment. 

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