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Kensington, London

Huckletree Kensington breathes life into a generic office building to create a vibrant and up-lifting shared workspace that celebrates the possibilities of innovative sustainable design. Focusing on the creation of spaces that invite collaboration, interaction and creativity, the design draws on a rich variety of textures and finishes to produce vivd and inviting spaces.

The design accommodates a diverse range of working patterns. At ground level these range from traditional meeting rooms to touch-down work stations and a barista station. The upper-floor is modelled around the members bar, with banquette seating and sliding partitions arranged to create varying levels of intimacy from a corner snug to the open roof terrace.

Throughout, materials have been chosen for their minimal embodied energy and commitment to cradle to cradle life cycles. Recycled plastics are used throughout to create work-tops and joinery alongside natural wood wool and timbers in dyed finishes. New flooring and fabrics are 100% closed-loop recyclable and low carbon graphene based paints were used throughout. As as result the works achieve the maximum gold rating SKA sustainability certification*.


Site Photos

Project Data

Type: Refurbishment

Size: 1,350 sqm
Total Cost:  £1m

Architect: Material Works Architecture

MEP: David Webb Associate

Photography: Fred Howarth

Contractor: Loop Interiors

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